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My gallery, take a look if you want too ^^

I hope something in there can hit your interest, if you want me too draw moe of something, ask and I'll see what I can do~
Clean-Minded by Danilee3240Dont make bases of my work by YourOwnArt
Aihi X Szayel by LeafGreen1924Nnoitra X Princess Stamp by LeafGreen1924

Bishi Stamp by AnnaethGreenleafCritiques wanted by prosaix

Random Favourites


As long as you hold on by ThroneSeeker

Critique? I can try! First of, I really love how you did all this. This picture is really beautiful beyond words, and I just love stari...

canadaaa.... by Maisami-chan

Alright, I'm not the best critique, but I'll try my best I was already writing, one, but I press the esc button and lost everything I w...



Knight Husbandos by FireRed1924
Knight Husbandos
I got some great colored pencils for Christmas! So I used them on some characters I've been meaning to draw for SO LONG, my two, adopted, knight husband team, Asoli and Kygez ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ !! To be honest, this was the funnest I've had in a while drawing something! And even though the scanner dulled the colors a little, making it look a little darker than it actually is, it still looks pretty good, and I'm pretty proud of how it came to be!
During drawing this, it has become that Asoli is not a morning person. Needs his starbucks in order to function ( *¯ ³¯*)♡ !!! Kygez the is exact opposite, he loves morning ! And his fruits and veggies haha, he's just coming back from shopping!
Ah~ I still haven't drawn these two as much as I should, and I hope to make even more cute things with them!! I did make some mistakes tho (^◇^;) mostly noticeable in Asoli but whatever, I had inked them before I could fix them ---------------

Characters © :iconfirered1924:

Designs © :iconmayomiccz:
Pirate pokemon by FireRed1924
Pirate pokemon
So, I was able to get myself a Chespin plushie at one point. And a little later after that, I go a Charmander plushie to go with him! And I love them both so much! What I also loved at that point, and still do, is pirates, so i designed them to be pirate pokemon who sail the seven seas in search for a good battle or something !!!!

(‐^▽^‐) I ended up loving them so much I created them into two, human pirate ocs later on ! And named my Chespin and Charmander after them in Pokemon Y haha

Pokemon © Game Freak
Flower crowns by FireRed1924
Flower crowns
Making gijinkas of these animatronics was something I never thought I'd do/actually enjoy doing, but I actually had a pretty good time designing Foxy, and now I have a Bonnie too. I like other people's designs of Bonnie a little better than mine, but they're still not too bad. Despite their stupid shirt and whatnot hAHA
So here we have Foxy giving his Bon a little flower crown. Bonnie of course is thrilled to have their own flower crown for their pretty head (´∇ノ`*)ノ !!!

FNAF © Scott Cawthon

Surely one day I'll make them into original characters, but for now, here they are as gijinkas


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Chibi: $13.00

Little Jakan by FireRed1924The fallen Angel by FireRed1924Fluttering Hearts by FireRed1924
Bolin x Korra by FireRed1924Splat by FireRed1924Stop Reading that Stupid Book! by FireRed1924
Digital or traditional

These can either be lineless or not, it's your choice~ The prices stay the same for both choices!

Line art:
Fullbody: $9.00
To hips: $6.00
To shoulders: $3.00

G.U.N. Shadow and Rouge by FireRed1924T M N T - Lovely Crimson DEATH by FireRed1924The Flames of the Underworld by FireRed1924Comm: Derek and Akumu by FireRed1924Comm: Kimi and Ryan by FireRed1924

Traditional or Digital

Flat color:
Fullbody: $18.00
To hips: $15.00
To shoulders: $11.00

Rei and Sasha by FireRed1924Maka Albarn by FireRed1924Chopper by FireRed1924Nabell Rev Tear and Mox by FireRed1924Happy birthday Mayomi! by FireRed1924

Traditional or Digital

Full Color:
Fullbody: $30.00
To hips: $25.00
To shoulders: $20.00

Art Trade : Season by FireRed1924Dance with Death by FireRed1924Treasure Hunting by FireRed1924

JeanMarco by FireRed1924Markiplier by FireRed1924Disturbia by FireRed1924
Smooth shading or Cell-shading, Traditional or Digital

Dark and Gritty: $15.00
Comm: Ghost in the Night by FireRed1924AT: Bark the Dark canines by FireRed1924Comm: Patchy and Rubix by FireRed1924With Blood on the Concrete... by FireRed1924Comm: Tick Tock... by FireRed1924KiLL by FireRed1924
Traditional or Digital, prefer Digital though

:bulletblue: Extra characters:
Fullbody: $5.00-$8.00 Depending how hard the designs are
To hips: $3.50
To shoulders: $1.00

:bulletblue: Backgrounds:
Pretty simple: $4.00 

Little Jakan by FireRed1924Ducker by FireRed1924That Pumpkin Butler by FireRed1924Innocence by FireRed1924
Pretty hard: $10.00-$20.00 Depending on the difficulty.

That Pumpkin Butler by FireRed1924Tomshizu A little Date by FireRed1924Picnic by FireRed1924Jet Set Ragna! by FireRed1924Fishing at Caramel Falls by FireRed1924


Feel free to ask questions! Like if there's a certain style you'd rather me draw in, or if there's a preferred line art color you'd like you can give me a suggestion and I'll see what I can do with it!!

I'll draw almost anything but nudity and porn! I also have the right to turn down your commission if I deem it way too hard. And if it turns out that I cannot do it and you've already paid me, I will refund your money. 

Thank you for your time!


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Taking commissions
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Tegaki Messenger 618-5131-8081
Nikos PaintChat… I'm on as Neko D.

Hello all! Just a whatever who loves to draw! I'm not on here as much as I used to be, but I still like to hang around a bit!

:iconleafgreen1924: Me brother.

:iconzazakun011: Support her~ Click the icon and check out her nice art ^^ She's very good

Other amazing sisters :U

Awesome Bros :U

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I have enclosed a link to it for you to see it. (that means you MUsT do it! Unless you don't wanna. that's cool)
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GenZelda Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You do request for friends? owo Well, I was gonna ask if you if could draw a little something on Art Academy.. but only if you feel like it. :3 It was was like a cover art for my LanaXVolga fan fiction that will be working on after I finish Volga's head canon.

Reason why I'd like you to do;

1. I love your art style. How its like a chibi mix with normal anime/manga style.

2. I think your artwork would be good for the fan fiction since your art makes everything look cute~. xD

3. I don't know if I'll have time to make my own Cover art for the fan fiction since I'll be spending most of my time writing it.. =w='

So let me know if your willing to do it and I'll let you know the details. ^w^ But as I said, Its only if you want to.
FireRed1924 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm real sorry about these really late replies but I've still been caught up in the holiday video game playing craze we always get.

Now for your request, I can probably do a little thing for you if you'd like, once I know the details, though, would it be alright if I did it on SAI? I can work a lot faster on it than on Art Academy haha
GenZelda Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh sure! :D I'd love to see it on SAI! Do they have SAI for an android tablet..? Cause I got one for Christmas and I'm gonna get a stylus for it and draw on that more often then Art Academy. ^^ I can imagine it being much quicker on there. x'D
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